Saturday, July 23, 2011 case you didn't notice.

No. Landon did NOT make it onto American Idol :(((

No. He did NOT win.

No. I have NOOO idea where he is!!!!



I thought I'd found his facebook page but boohoo that was just some guy who also plays guitar in Colorado. Sooo...unless he moved to Luita, Colorado, no, that's not him. Grrrr....

Just...FYI, Landon, if you ever come across this...uhh...I got my hair cut?? Well, I did. It's not a question.

The question is, where are you? And, are you even reading this? NO. and NO.
sooo...the search is still on!

I am tootally NOT giving up. :)
Stayin' Cute.

Friday, July 22, 2011

good night

gooood niiiiiight!!!! i just feel like saying good night to someone. so I'll post this on my blog. So exciting. This is an email to a buddy and I post on my blog. SO COOL!